Are you or a loved one diabetic? We carry one of the top rated diabetic shoes in the industry; as well as diabetic socks. Our trained staff can help insure you get the proper fit and shoe for your condition.

Harbor Shoes

A Community Staple

There are, often effective, over the counter ways to help with the diverse conditions that can afflict the foot and ankle. We have the knowledge to recommend a solution for many of the issues you may be facing. If your feet hurt, come see us.  We can't fix everything and may suggest you see a doctor. But if we can help, we will.

Serving Grays Harbor for over 25 years with our focus being to make repeat customers, not just a sale. We truly enjoy what we do. Nothing makes us happier than when someone leaves our store excited about what they just purchased.

What We Offer


Help For Foot issues​​

Quality, Comfort and Service

At Harbor Shoes we believe in giving exceptional customer service, well constructed footwear and a comfortable fit. 

Harbor Shoes is a family owned and operated footwear retailer located in beautiful Aberdeen Washington at the corner of Broadway and Heron. Both men's and women's styles for work, play, leisure and casual dress.

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